Does anyone still use Drupal?

The internet is filled with a variety of content management systems (CMS), and it can be hard to keep track of which ones are still in use. One of the more popular systems is Drupal, which was first released in 2001. So, does anyone still use Drupal?

The answer is yes – Drupal is still a very much alive and well. While there have been some changes to the system over the years, Drupal is still a powerful and reliable CMS. It continues to be one of the most popular CMSs, with a large community of users.

In this article, we will take a look at what makes Drupal so popular and why it is still in use today.

Why is Drupal Popular?

There are a few reasons why Drupal is still popular today. The first is that it is an open source platform, meaning that it is free to use and modify. This makes it accessible to almost anyone, and it is easy to customize the system to meet specific needs.

Another reason is its scalability. Drupal can be used for both small and large websites, and it is relatively easy to scale up when more resources are needed. It is also relatively secure, as it is regularly updated with security patches to protect against hackers.

Finally, Drupal has a large, active community. There are a variety of resources available to users, such as forums, tutorials, and support. This makes it easy to get help when needed, which is especially helpful for those new to the platform.

What Makes Drupal Different?

When compared to other CMSs, Drupal stands out in a few ways. One of the most notable is its flexibility. Drupal can be used to create a variety of different types of websites, such as blogs, e-commerce stores, and more. It also offers a wide range of modules and themes, allowing users to customize their websites to meet their specific needs.

Another key difference is Drupal’s focus on security. It is one of the few CMSs that has a dedicated security team, and it is regularly updated with patches and security features. This makes it one of the more secure CMSs available.


Drupal is still a popular and reliable content management system. It is an open source platform, meaning it is free to use and modify. It is also scalable and secure, and it has a large, active community. Finally, it is one of the most flexible CMSs available, offering a wide range of modules and themes. For these reasons, Drupal is still in use today and will likely remain so for years to come.

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