How node js is better than Python?

Node.js and Python are two of the most widely used programming languages today. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks, making it difficult to determine which one is suitable for a given task. This article will explore the comparison between Node.js and Python in terms of performance, scalability, and development speed.

When it comes to performance, Node.js has a clear edge over Python. Node.js is powered by the V8 engine, which was developed by Google and is based on JavaScript. The V8 engine is very fast, and Node.js can manage large amounts of concurrent requests with ease. On the other hand, Python is not as quick as Node.js, but it still works in the majority of cases.

Node.js is also more scalable than Python. It is designed to be easily scaled up or down depending on the requirements of the application. It is threaded, allowing it to process multiple requests simultaneously. Additionally, Node.js has a built-in cluster module which enables load-balancing on multiple servers. Python, on the other hand, is not as scalable as Node.js and is not as potent in dealing with multiple requests.

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