Does Netflix use React?

React is a popular open-source JavaScript library used for building user interfaces. It is used by many large companies, including Facebook, Instagram, and Airbnb, as well as many smaller companies. But one company that stands out is Netflix. Does Netflix use React? The short answer is yes, Netflix does utilize React.

What is React? Before we discuss why Netflix employs React, let’s quickly review what React is and why it is so popular. React was created by Facebook in 2013, and it is a collection of JavaScript components that enable developers to create user interfaces rapidly and effortlessly. React is a popular choice for web development because it is fast, effective, and simple to learn. It is also highly scalable, making it a great selection for larger projects.

Why does Netflix use React? Netflix is a big and sophisticated website, and it needs an effective and reliable tool to manage its user interface. React is an excellent option as it is fast, effective, and simple to learn. It is also highly scalable. Netflix would not be able to provide its users with a great experience if it had to build its user interface from scratch. React allows Netflix to quickly and easily create a

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