What are templates in React JS?

React JS is a popular JavaScript library utilized for creating user interfaces. It is a powerful, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library that facilitates developers in constructing interactive UIs. React JS focuses on the “view” in the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture and is utilized by many websites and web applications. One of the most significant facets of React JS is the use of templates.

Templates are a fundamental part of React JS and are utilized to create a consistent structure for components and elements in an application. Templates provide developers with a way to make a consistent codebase and guarantee that the same components are implemented across the entire application. Templates also help developers to better organize their code, making it simpler to read and maintain.

What are the Advantages of Templates?

Employing templates in React JS has numerous advantages. Principally, it helps generate a consistent structure for the application. This makes it easier to work with and comprehend the code. Templates also make it easier to update and manage the code as they provide a consistent structure.

Templates also aid developers to make components that are easily reusable. This makes it much easier to make changes to the code and allows developers to construct applications quickly and efficiently.

Types of Templates

React JS provides two types of templates: class-based and functional. Class-based templates are written using ES6 classes and permit developers to create components using JavaScript classes. Functional templates are written using functions and let developers to create components in the same way as class-based templates, but without the use of classes.

Using Templates

Using templates in React JS is quite straightforward. All you need to do is build a template, which is essentially a JavaScript class or function that contains all the information about the component. This template can then be imported into any other file and used to create components quickly and without difficulty.


Templates are an essential part of React JS and assist developers create consistent structures for components and elements. They also make it easier to create reusable components and manage the codebase. The two types of templates in React JS are class-based and functional, and both are relatively simple to use. If you’re looking to develop an application using React JS, understanding and using templates is essential.

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