What is the difference between JSX vs templates?

JavaScript has become an integral part of web development, and the two most popular approaches to working with it are JSX and templates. Both are utilized to create user interfaces, but they have distinct differences. This article will explain what JSX and templates are, the distinctions between them, and which one is the better option.

JSX stands for JavaScript XML. It is a syntax extension of JavaScript that can be employed to make React components, which are reusable parts of a web application. It enables developers to write HTML-like code in JavaScript, and it is compiled into regular JavaScript code. JSX is commonly used in React applications, which are popular for their speed and scalability.

Templates are pre-constructed HTML documents that have a set structure and design. They are utilized to quickly generate webpages without having to write code from scratch. Templates are often employed for static websites, or for sites that do not require a great deal of user interaction.

The main difference between JSX and templates is that JSX is written in JavaScript and compiled, while templates are HTML files that are already built and ready to be used. JSX is

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