Why ReactJS is better than angular?

ReactJS and Angular are two of the most popular web development tools available today. Both frameworks provide a wide range of features and can be used to create high-performance web applications. However, ReactJS is often considered to be the better choice due to its flexibility, scalability and performance.

ReactJS allows developers to write their own components, use third-party libraries, and even create their own custom libraries. This provides developers with more freedom to customize their applications and express their creativity. In contrast, Angular follows an opinionated approach and developers must adhere to the framework’s conventions. This limits their flexibility.

ReactJS is also highly scalable and allows developers to easily add features and scale their applications as needed. This is not the case with Angular, which is more limited in terms of scalability. Additionally, ReactJS is known for its performance and is designed to be fast and efficient. Angular, on the other hand, is not as fast or efficient as ReactJS and can take longer to build applications.

In conclusion, ReactJS is a better choice than Angular for many reasons. It provides developers with more flexibility and scalability, as well as better performance. If you’re looking for a web development tool that is flexible, scalable, and offers great performance, then ReactJS is the right choice for you.

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