Does Facebook use Vue?

Vue is a JavaScript framework that has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. It has been used by companies such as Netflix and Adobe to create user interfaces for their products. But one of the most popular companies in the world, Facebook, has yet to make use of Vue. So, does Facebook use Vue?

The answer is no, Facebook does not currently use Vue. Facebook has its own JavaScript library called React, which it uses to build its interfaces. React is similar to Vue in that it is used to create user interfaces, but it is not the same as Vue. React is owned and maintained by Facebook, and the company does not currently have any plans to switch to Vue.

That said, Facebook does use Vue in some of its products. For example, Facebook’s Ads Manager uses Vue to create interactive components. This allows users to easily create and manage their ads. But this is the only place where Facebook has officially adopted Vue.

It’s clear that Facebook has no plans to transition to Vue in the near future. However

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