Is VueJS still a thing?

The world of web development is ever-evolving, with new frameworks, libraries, and tools appearing regularly. One such tool that has been around for some time is VueJS. Is it still a viable option when creating a website?

VueJS is a JavaScript framework created in 2014. It is progressive and can be used to create both single-page applications and larger, more complex applications. It includes features such as two-way data binding, custom components, and a virtual DOM, making it a powerful tool for modern web development.

Despite its age, VueJS is still going strong. It has been employed to build some of the internet’s most popular websites, including 9Gag, Behance, and even the official Laravel website. It is also used by many companies, such as Alibaba, Gitlab, and Nintendo.

What makes VueJS stand apart from its competitors? One of the primary benefits is its size. VueJS is much smaller than other popular frameworks, like React and Angular. This makes it perfect for smaller projects that don’t need a lot of complexity. It’

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