What template engine does Vue use?

The Vue JavaScript framework is a popular choice for developing modern web applications. One of the key features of Vue is its capability to provide a powerful template engine to create dynamic webpages. So, what kind of template engine does Vue use?

Vue utilizes the HTML-based template engine, which is JavaScript-based. This template engine grants developers the freedom to easily construct dynamic webpages that are rendered using HTML. The HTML-based template engine offers a wide selection of options for formatting and manipulating data. Moreover, it permits developers to use HTML tags, attributes, and classes in order to create dynamic webpages.

Additionally, Vue also offers a JavaScript-based template engine called the Virtual DOM. This framework enables developers to write JavaScript code to construct dynamic webpages. The Virtual DOM offers features such as state management, component-based architecture, and various hooks and events, which allow developers to create complex webpages.

The JavaScript-based template engine is an excellent choice for developers who need to create dynamic webpages in a short time without learning HTML. Furthermore, it is ideal for developers who desire to quickly create webpages that

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