Who uses Vue?

Vue is a popular open-source JavaScript framework used for creating interactive web-based user interfaces. It is becoming increasingly popular among web developers, as it is relatively easy to learn, and has a wide range of features and tools. So, who uses Vue?

Vue is used by a wide range of developers and companies, from small startups to large enterprises. Some of the biggest names in the industry are using Vue, including Apple, Netflix, Adobe, and Salesforce. Smaller companies are also using Vue, such as Behance, GitLab, and 9GAG. Additionally, there are many open-source projects powered by Vue, such as the popular web-based code editor CodeSandbox.

Vue is also popular among web developers. According to the 2019 State of JavaScript survey, it is the third most popular frontend framework, behind React and Angular. Additionally, the survey found that the majority of developers who use Vue are satisfied with the framework.

Vue is popular for a number of reasons. One of the biggest advantages is its size. Vue is relatively small compared to other frameworks,

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